The Praisedown with Heath and Alex

Episode 3

Holy Ghost Riding the Whip: Chance the Rapper with Cameron Brewer

Jill Falter published on

The boys sit down with spoken word poet and comedian Cameron Brewer to discuss that classic film God's Not Dead, Chance the Rapper, and superheroes in Christ. They also ditch the charts in favor of more interview-based pastures. 

Producer's Note: Hey, we have our first Lost Episode! Though you probably wouldn't know if I wasn't telling you. We talked with local musician Ben Frantz to discuss David Crowder Band and Neon Genesis Evangellion.

"They were good, we liked them." - Alex Sanchez

"Praise that." - Heath Huffman

"Watch God's Not Dead" - Ben Frantz

Thanks Ben! We'll get you a real episode someday.

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