The Rag Company Podcast
Episode 74

MAIN SHOW #24 | Porsche Wash Clinic, Livestreaming & The World of Coatings

Dane Hennen published on

Last Saturday, The Rag Company hosted the Silver Sage Porsche Club for a wash clinic, which was taught by our very own Levi & Anthony!

Oh, and we actually livestreamed the whole thing! So, if you'd like to watch the clinic in it's entirety, you can check it out here:

Beyond the clinic, the guys discuss the need for positivity in the industry, and how that can help combat issues that come-about due to detailer's own insecurities.

Then, to round it all out, the guys talk a bit about coatings, as well as what stsyles of microfiber work best for handling them.

Watch this episode on YouTube:

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