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Episode 78

Networking In The Detailing Industry | DETALKS

Dane Hennen published on

Networking is an important business tool that doesn't cost ANYTHING. Whether it's hustling on social media, or being an in-person social butterfly, it's a much needed effort for success! Today on DETALKS, our Pro Detailers discuss the importance of networking within the detailing industry. Whether it's meeting other detailers, or other people offering services within the automotive industry. Being social may not be everyone's forte, but people gravitate toward's other "well liked" people. As a business owner, you have to compose yourself well to customers, friends, and associates. As Levi states, if you're wearing a logo'd t shirt, and you're out and are representing the company. You're always "ON." Social media representation is the other key factor. Public posts show all comments, and making sure you are replying to customers publicly with kindness can be seen by all. If a post get's heated with a argument, people will see that and they WILL remember that for the future. Have some networking advice of your own? We would love to hear about it in the comments!

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Guests: Yvan Lacroix & Levi Gates Recorded by Dane Hennen & Anthony Fisher Edited by Dane Hennen

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