The Rag Company Podcast
Episode 65

Single Stage vs. Clear Coat | DETALKS CLASSICS

Dane Hennen published on

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The first time a Detailer works on single stage paint, it can be a bit of a surprise! Wondering whether or not he/she has gone through the clear coat, or if by chance the car has a single stage paint job. So what's the difference between single stage paint and clear coat paint?

In today's DETALKS, our pro detailers discuss the difference between detailing single stage paint and paint with a clear coat. To many people's surprise, single stage paint is still used on NEW vehicles to this day. Ducati for example, still use single stage red paint on their high-end Panigale 1299. But for most other modern cars, a clear coat finish is the most common. Levi mentions that the ease and results of polishing and waxing single stage paint are amazing and really display the color. Whereas a clear coat can give the car a lot of depth and gloss in the finish. Both paint types can be washed, polished, and waxed in the same fashion. The only difference comes from the amount of workable paint and clear coat on the surface of the metal. Sometimes best checked by a paint-depth gauge. There is also the fact of paint transfer on a pad with single stage paint, but it can be easily cleaned off. There honestly is no reason why a detailer should fear single stage. it can provide amazing results that provide a lot of satisfaction for a detailer.

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