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Episode 117

Which RUPES Bigfoot Polisher is Right for You? | DETALKS

Dane Hennen published on

Before you buy your RUPES polisher, you NEED to watch this. Dylan Von Kleist explains the differences between the Bigfoot LHR 15 Mark ll and the LHR 21 Mark ll. In which one was specifically designed for the detailing market. It goes without saying that RUPES polishers are a popular tool in the detailing industry. They have an arsenal of premium Italian polishers and pneumatic tools that pack some serious power. However, one major question when looking at the RUPES Bigfoot is, do I get the LHR 15ES, the Mark 2 over the ES, or go big with the LHR 21 Mark 2, etc. The possibilities are endless. Therefore Dylan gives us a breakdown of the ES vs the Mark ll as well as the LHR15 vs the LHR21. The LHR 15 was actually designed as a detailing tool, whereas the 21 is actually found more in bodyshops. Either way, both of these tools do a GREAT job in correcting paint and removing scratches and swirls with their DA orbital function. The only real difference is that the 21 covers more area, where the 15 can get through curved areas easier. Do you own one of these tools? Chime in and give us your thoughts on the 15 vs the 21! Want to see more Rupes products? Check out their site!

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Guests: Dylan Von Kleist Recorded by Dane Hennen & Anthony Fisher Edited by Anthony Fisher

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