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Episode 92

Why Choose The Rupes Polishing System? | DETALKS

Dane Hennen published on

Rupes has made a large impact in the world of polishing due to their superior quality and iconic branding. But why choose a Rupes polisher over many of the competitors out there? Dylan Von Kleist joins Levia Gates on the set of Detalks to discuss the ins and outs of Rupes polishers. The long-throw polisher such as the bigfoot 21 has changed the game of polishing. Allowing faster correction and covers a LARGE surface area. This was a huge step in the detailing industry for those people who were used to shorter-throw polishers ranging from 8-12 mm. Dylan talks about the new forced rotation polisher to the Rupes lineup and the possible debut date for consumers. The gear driven polishers are preferred by many detailers and have come a long way. While Rotary polishers are still the most common tool, our detailers also discuss the rising market in DA polishers.

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Guests: Dylan Von Kleist Recorded by Dane Hennen & Anthony Fisher Edited by Anthony Fisher

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