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Episode 81

Problems are a good thing

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Life is difficult, that is one the greatest truth of life. As I am re reading the classic "The Road Less Traveled" I am hit with this obvious fact of life.  Of course, life is difficult. Oh wait, is it really "obvious"? Is this a truth I accept or is it just a plattitude or cliché? 

This book is such a powerful guide for finding happiness in life. It's not a typical self help book that attempts to make life easier.  Dr. Peck suggests that most people will deny this truth and fight the challenges of life.  I tend to agree with him.  I think, more often then not, instead of there being two camps of people, one embracing the difficulties of life and the other denying it, we bounce back and forth from camp to camp. When we are tired, unfocused, lazy or just not up for the fight in life, we try to bury our troubles.  People do this in many different ways.  Drinking, partying, sex, drugs, escaping, and a million other things designed to numb the pain of life. When we are "on it", at least for me, we are disciplined.  The key to success in life, as you will read in a ton of success biographies is discipline. Peck describes discipline as:

  1. The delaying of gratification
  2. acceptance of responsibility
  3. dedication to the truth
  4. balancing (the giving up of a part of oneself for a better part of oneself)

This sense of discipline is the "road less traveled" as coined by Peck. It makes a lot of sense. Most people simply put there heads in the sand and deny the difficulites of life, questioning why they are mired in mediocrity. Others wonder why life is stressful and volatile. I'm trying to stay in the "discipline" camp as much as possible. This is not easier, either, but it's a better road for sure. 

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