The RhetOracle
Episode 1

001 - TheRhetOracle_Introduction

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My name is Ian Geddes. This is episode 1 of The RhetOracle. A small introduction as to who I am and what it is about as well as where it is going.


My name is Ian Geddes, 35. Broadcasting from SW London. I’ve lived in London 10 years now.

A couple of years ago I began to wake up. I knew something was off. I knew I had so much to give, so much to achieve and I was treading water. My life to this point had been massive debt, partying lifestyle, and avoidance and failed unfulfilling relationships and I was left with a sense of ‘is this it?’ Is this all there is?

The 2008 recession left me redundant and astronomical debt. I played it safe and did the 9-5. I had to. It was the only way to survive as well clear the debt. Except now I’ve played it safe too long.

It took 6 grilling years to clear but finally free of debt, I kept making the same mistakes. I had still continued to work on the external. Not the inner me.

The last few years has led me to question everything, my past, my childhood, my parents, who am I, what kind of man am I, what kind of man do I want to be, where am I heading. I used to be creative as a child and I used to dream big. I haven’t dreamed for a long time.

I am at the very start of my journey. Learning what it means to be a man in today’s age. Where I fit and what I’m really capable of. 

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