The RhetOracle
Episode 12

012 - The Solution to Social Anxiety - With Dr Aziz Gazipura

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On todays show I have social anxiety and confidence expert and coach Dr Aziz Gazipura. He is the author of, The Solution to Social Anxiety and also The Art of Extraordinary confidence - your ultimate path to Love, Wealth and Freedom

He has been coaching men for more than a decade on facing fears, overcoming rejection in all aspects of life and removing the inner critic to help you live the life you deserve.

We discuss;

What is Social Anxiety

Opportunities - do we have to take them all

People pleasing & What others think


Comparing ourselves to others

Cultivate a Sense of self

Focus on our strengths 

Compliments. How to acknowledge these

What are 3 habits people with social anxiety of lacking on confidence need to immediately stop doing 

3 to start doing

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