The RhetOracle
Episode 13

013 - A Life Without Regret - With Philip McKernan

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Welcome to The RhetOracle. On today’s episode I have author, Speaker, documentary film-maker and enlightened hooligan Philip McKernan

10 years ago he was an entrepreneur running a very successful coffee business. He decided to make a change and walk away from that life.

He states he has spent most of his life pretending to be someone else; his journey over recent years is to take the masks off, stop acting, and get back to who I am at the core.

"His mission for the rest of his life is to take anyone who is willing and pull, kick, drag, coerce, hug the shit of them if needs be, to bring their gift out because by god do we all have gifts!"

We Discuss;

Becoming Congruent

Limiting beliefs. What blocks and limits are we putting in place

Discovering our gifts


Passion or purpose
How does someone know when they find that. How does someone know if they are putting their energy into the right thing?


Coping with failure and adversity

Check out Philip's Documentary for free;

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