The RhetOracle
Episode 14

014 - Introverted Alpha - With Sarah Jones

published on

On todays episode of the RhetOracle I have Sarah Jones of Introverted Sarah coaches introverted men to become their authentic best in their approach to women and dating, no tricks, no gimmicks, no routines or manipulation.

She says “I want to love men into their greatness.”


We discuss;

Take charge of your life. No-one has an amazing life by accident

No excuses

Baby steps to dating

Why Introverted Men

What is great about Introverted Men?

Being Authentic

Everyone's story is uniquely beautful

The media and how it portrays men

Having confidence

Tips Introverted Men


Find out more from Sarah Jones at


Some blog posts here;

Meeting women as an Introverted Man


Defining the Introverted Man


Conveying Attraction

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