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Episode 15

015 - Uncover your creative mastery through Micromastery - With Robert Twigger

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On todays episode we do away with the 10000 hour rule to mastery and talk with adventurer, original thinker, travel writer, micromaster and author of the book MicroMastery, Robert Twigger.

Robert has trained to black belt in Japan with the Tokyo Riot Police. Has written and presented a documentary Big Snake, which depicted the capture of the world's longest snake and he has led an expedition that was the first to cross the 700 km Great Sand Sea of the Egyptian Sahara solely on foot. 

We discuss his book MicroMastery. Leatning skills and talents in short bursts of creativity;

What is Micromastery?

What mindset should people have to approach new things?

Flow state


Is broad knowledge and skill better than specialisation? Polymathy

How do we know we are not wasting our time on something?


Find out more about Robert at his website,

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