The RhetOracle
Episode 20

020 - Move Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs | Add Value to Others

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Continuing with the ten steps to build a healthy self-image and self esteem. Lesson 3, Move beyond your limiting beliefs; our limited thinking, our lack of ability to see what we are capable of. Fear and doubt get in the way. I think we can thnik some people are born special and others less so. Some are capable of greatness and others not. It is time to remove this way of thinking. Lesson 4 Add Value to Others. I defintely need to spend much more time on this one and I hope in part this podcast is adding value to others. I want to share my learning, my growth with others. I am trying to incorporate all these lessons in to my life. I think many of us can all do with a healthier self-image and boosting how we see ourselves. Life is about growing and you cannot change what you are not aware of or cannot see.

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