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Episode 22

022 - Win Freedom From Self Sabotage - With Hazel Gale

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Win Freedom From Self Sabotage

Episode 22

Today, we are joined by guest Hazel Gale. Hazel is a former kickboxing champion and a multiple national and open European boxing-title winner. She was emotionally drained by shame and hid it with overtraining. During her first few years of competitive fighting, she experienced physical and psychological burnout. She ultimately found solace in cognitive hypnotherapy. 

Hazel was able to rebuild her physical strength and achieve a balanced, healthy emotional state. She is empowered by the changes she has made for herself. 

Now Hazel is a qualified coach and cognitive hypnotherapist. She trained as a clinical therapist and also a master practitioner of cognitive hypnotherapy. Her goal is to help others with their own emotional battles. She currently practices in London and specializes in performance-related issues and the pursuit of creative and professional goals. 

In this Episode

- How Hazel got involved in kickboxing

- Different types of training and how Hazel trained

- Burnout and the process of burnout 

- The manifestation of feeling unworthy and not enough

- Praise addiction

- Hazel’s journey with cognitive hypnotherapy

- Cognitive hypnotherapy vs hypnotherapy

- Awareness and consciousness

- The stability of memories

- The aspects of cognitive hypnotherapy that are truly beneficial

- Limiting beliefs and false memories

- Taking action without sabotaging your efforts

- Fixed mindsets and growth mindsets

- The disabling effects of unmet needs

- What Hazel is most grateful for


Fight: Win Freedom From Self-Sabotage  

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