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Episode 23

023 - Turn Your Demons into Creative Rocket Fuel - With Jamie Catto

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Episode 23 - With Jamie Catto

Jamie Catto, producer, director, musician, author & creator as well as well a coach and mentor. 

From his manifesto:

We need to collectively admit that we’re not fine, we’re not confident and balanced and good. We turn up to work every day pretending we’re not neurotic and obsessed and insatiable and full of doubt, and we waste so much energy keeping up this mutual pretense for each other because we think if people saw the truth, if people really knew what was going on in our heads, all the crazy truth of our dark appetites and self loathing, then we’d get rejected. But in fact, the opposite is true. It’s when we dare to reveal the truth that we unwittingly give everyone else permission to do the same. To stop holding their breathe for a moment and actually come into the room. Be here, present, vulnerable and authentic.

Jamie is the author of Insanely Gifted - Turn Your Demons into Creative Rocket Fuel

In this episode:

-What inspired you to write this book

-Reactive / non-reactive - creating space


-Be willing to feel uncomfortable feelings

“The hard times, dark nights of the soul they show us who we are”

-Forgiveness & Compassion

-Being loving with ourselves

-Having to always be in control
"Every time we try to avoid our feelings we are abandoning ourselves"

-Really Get to Know Yourself - Noticing. Allowing space

-Hiding parts of ourselves. Editing ourselves to fit in

"We are all on a journey towards the darkness AND the light"

-We can unedited ourselves back to us

-How do we learn unconditional love. 

“You can be unconditionally loving and still realise that guy is a twat”

When reactive - be sweet to yourself, be loving.

“The I, the one you are when you’re not loving yourself isn’t you”

-The bodyguard that jumps in to protect you, to stay safe

-How old maps of behaviours of when we were a child are not helping us anymore now we are adults

-Being brave in turning towards the pain or discomfort

“There’s huge amount of treasure waiting for you and me behind all these doors I promise you”

“You don’t need to find it, it arises by itself. If you weed the garden, the flower pops up, you don’t need to invent the flow”

-Take off the masks - Being real

-Feeling edgy together is oxygen

-Being judgemental - “Just like me”

-Not everyone will like you - let people not like you

-We’re ashamed of our own narcissism

-We don’t want to take the risk

-Steps to being vulnerable

-The 70% rule

-Treat people as people. Slow down

-Everyone is creative



Jamie Catto: Insanely Gifted: Turn Your Demons into Creative Rocket Fuel

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Russel Brand: Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions

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