The Savvy Creative

Episode 83

Flipping Common Tropes by Being Exquisitely Dark with Kathrin Hutson

Christina Castaneda published on

Meet author Kathrin Hutson, whose dark fantasy, LGTBQ Dystopian writing is flipping common tropes on their heads. Her ability to see the beauty in dark things and appreciate "happily never afters" is so unique, you'll be drawn in fast! 

Listen as we talk about her unique characters and the message behind her stories, how motherhood kickstarted her writing career, her story of overcoming her heroin addiction and surviving the underground world of drug dealing, and how she earns a living ghost writing fiction. 

Follow Kathrin and get a copy of Sleepwater Static: Book 2 in her LGBTQ+ Dystopian Sci-Fi (adult) series, Blue Helix.

Sleepwater Static was released May 26th, 2020, became an international bestseller in the first 48 hours, is an Award-Winning Sci-Fi Finalist in the 2020 International Book Awards, and is also a Literary Titan Gold Star Award Winner.  

Get a copy now:


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