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Episode 80

Journal Prompts that Provide Healing and Help Write Your Memoir with Marci Brockmann

Christina Castaneda published on

Meet author, entrepreneur and YouTuber, Marci Brockmann, who used her journaling to not only heal from the trauma of narcissistic abuse, but to complete an honest recollection of what it's like to struggle with a loved one's addicition and opening up the conversation about mental health. 

In this episode, we talk about being raised by narcissists (and being married to them), how narcissists are a gift to writers, how Marci helps her clients through her journaling prompts, and how to love writing prompts again. 

Books and Journals by Marci: 

Permission to Land: Searching for Love, Home & Belonging 

Permission to Land: Personal Transformation Through Writing is over 100 pages of guided writing prompts and questions to help you uncover your past, illuminate your present, and guide you into your own bright, hopeful future with more clarity, awareness, and confidence than ever before.

Available at as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Revue, and most places where books are sold. Take my FREE Expressive Writing Workshop on my YouTube Channel - - What's up, Marci? and discover all the many benefits of journal writing.

Paintings by Marci: 

Original art, custom prints, scarves & masks of my original designs are available on Use the code ENDOFSUMMER20 to get 20% off all purchases.

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YouTube: What’s up, Marci? -

Take the FREE Expressive Writing Workshop on my YouTube Channel  and discover all the many benefits of journal writing

Instagram: @marcibrockmann; @marcibrockmann27



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