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Episode 42

What's We're Missing in the New Feminist Movement with Anahita Namavar

Christina Castaneda published on

After decades of the feminist movement, women's rights and #MeToo, violence against women has remained constant and steady with nearly 70k+ victims each year. But the violencce is not from random attackers, the violence against women is committed by the partners that promised to love them. The new socially conscious film, Roya, written by Anahita Namavar, was created to open up the conversation between women and men to finally decrease and ultimately end violent and abusive behavior. 

In this episode, I can't help but share why this story is so personal to me and how much I share with the film's main character. I was too humiliated and scared to tell my story for years, and I love sharing socially conscious stories so no more women have to suffer alone.  

If you know a woman that seems to have it all, but you sense that she could be quietly suffering, remember that the story that you don't see is the story that needs to be heard. 

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