The SciFiTechGeek Podcast
Episode 13

Jon Snow Lives !

Hubert Shorter published on

Well with the inevitability akin to the onset of old age, or the depression following the discovery that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, we all faced an inevitable truth last week; the producers and actors of the hit show “Game of Thrones” are bunch of devious liars.

We learned this week that the narrative promulgated by DB Weis and David Benioff that was so expertly repeated and drummed into our heads by all cast members was nothing more than a ploy, a la “The Walking Dead’s “ deceptive Glenn story arc.

Anyway the truth, as the X Files has always promised, is out there and Jon Snow drew his first breath. Now what.

Hopefully the producers have realised that a card such as this can only be played once and they need to get back to the real story in Westeros !

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