The SciFiTechGeek Podcast
Episode 32

The X-Files Returns..again !

Hubert Shorter published on

Anyone who didn't enjoy the return of The X Files in the 6 episode event last year, as far as I'm concerned is probably a little dead inside. With its wonderful nod to some of the more scary and comical episodes it left us with an interesting, if slightly puzzling cliffhanger. Since then fans have been shouting like asthmatic badgers for a new season.

Well, the folks at Fox seem to be listening, and there is hope that we might just get what we've been praying for. I don't think there has been a television show since Star Trek that has such a following, has transitioned into movies, and has an audience ready and willing to lap up more stories of the slightly tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist - Agent Mulder, and the demure, silk blouse wearing sceptic- Agent Scully.

Hoping with all fingers crossed that the powers that be will realise that The X Files still has many stories left to tell and that we will see them very soon !

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