The SciFiTechGeek Podcast
Episode 14

To Isengard

Hubert Shorter published on

The was a lot of anticipation as well as trepidation for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings back in 2001. It seems almost incomprehensible to believe that the film was released 15 years ago. Back then we were still enduring Windows XP, Compact Discs, Oasis, and of course, Tony Blair.

The perfect storm of depression was a breeding ground for the Fantasy adventure about the adventures of an orphaned young man, raised by his uncle and drawn into an adventure by a wise old wizard…but enough about Luke Skywalker.

When the first trailers arrived, people actually wondered what was going on, but more to the point the J.R.R. Tolkien purists were up in arms about the lack of authenticity and respect for the professors’ original prose. As the director pointed out many times, if he had filmed the book it would probably been much longer, and a lot more boring.

Instead, what Peter Jackson made was a wonderful story driven tale, with a deep and reverent respect for the author.

By the time The Return of the King arrived, we were all on board and the film makers were being lauded for their vision. Remember, to date, The Return of the King is the only fantasy movie to ever win an Academy Award for Best Picture. Quite a feat.


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