The Skinny with Mike and Adam
Episode 293

Artemis? Is That You?!

The Skinny with Mike and Adam published on

As punishment for not predicting the future and getting his bets terribly, terribly wrong in the 2018 Betting Special, we get to listen to Mike go slowly mad over the course of this episode while he's forced to listen to two of his least favorite songs from the last five years on a constant loop! No worries to you, the listener; the music loop is edited out to save your sanity. 

We also catch up on all of the exciting new album announcements that have happened since we've last gotten together. We've got incoming albums from Alexisonfire, New Years Day, Our Last Night, Andy Black, and Silverstein. Bring Me The Horizon announces the cancellation of their current tour due to Oli Sykes' unfortunate vocal injury; we catch up on the 2015 "Twitter beef" between Buddy Neilsen and Chris Fronzak...because it was reignited recently since everyone involved has the mindset of middle-school children apparently. 

Finally, we share our thoughts on recent albums and recommendations such as 'Peach Club' by Emarosa, 'Phoenix' by Pedro the Lion, the self-titled album from Conor Oberst's Better Oblivion Community Center, 'Rebirth' by The Jon Hill Project, and the debut EP from one of our listeners band, Better On The Inside.

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