The Skinny with Mike and Adam
Episode 213

Pokemon Go To The Polls

The Skinny with Mike and Adam published on

Apparently, the United States elected a new president, or something. So this week, we get all Fox News/MSNBC/CNN and have our first and only political discussion for this year. We share our thoughts and perspectives from an independent, third-party point-of-view and discuss topics such as the legitimacy of President Trump, the hypocricy of both the Republican and Democratic parties, the exhausting political campaigns, the main third-party candidates, and of course, the Donald Trump porn parody.

Not only that, but we look back at 2016 and reminisceĀ about all of the fun and not-so-fun things we experienced this year, both on the show and in our personal lives. Finally, we talk about our show plans for the next few weeks and when you can expect to hear ourĀ end-of-the-year music discussions/lists.

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