The Skinny with Mike and Adam
Episode 269

That One Time We Talked To Matt Mahood from The Horizon Line

The Skinny with Mike and Adam published on

On this week's special episode, we're honored to be joined by Matt, who plays guitar in the band The Horizon Line. Their debut album, 'Survivors', is a recent favorite of mine, so I was very excited to get a chance to talk a member of the band and learn how the band got started, what the recording process was like, where the band sees themselves going forward, and much more. And closing out the episode, Matt tries his best to overcome the toughest speed-round questions yet!

If you haven't already, please support the band by visiting the links below...

The Horizon Line's website and all of their contact information:
Listen to and purchase the album 'Survivors' - for Name Your Price - on their BandCamp page:

The book that Matt references in the episode can be purchased here:

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