The Skinny with Mike and Adam
Episode 278

The Skinny Essentials: Episode I

The Skinny with Mike and Adam published on

As we close this chapter on our long running show - six years strong - we celebrate this second to last weekly episode with what we're going to call our Skinny Essentials. We discuss in full detail the albums that we feel best represent us as people and the life experiences that we've gone through. For this week, we go track-by-track, in full, and talk about an album that means a lot to Mike; an album that he feels parallels his experiences growing up, feeling different, feeling unworthy, and much more. We get pretty heavy this week and talk through some loaded subject matter, while still having some fun. 

We hope that you enjoy this week's episode as we try and close out our weekly run in the best way we can think of. Next week is our last episode before our hiatus, so we encourage you, our listeners, to message or contact us before then. Please enjoy. Talk to you all soon.

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