The Skinny with Mike and Adam
Episode 279

The Skinny Essentials: Episode II

The Skinny with Mike and Adam published on

With this final weekly episode of our podcast, we bring this chapter of our lives to a close. It's been an incredibly fun six years of doing this show together and we take the time to reminisce a bit, take a trip down memory lane and talk about why we started the show, how the show evolved, and the bitter-sweet feeling of it ending when we've hit some popularity. We also read some good-bye messages that some of our very loyal and dedicated listeners were nice enough to write to us. And finally, we get to the heart of the episode and discuss Adam's essential record; the one that has the most meaning to him as a person. We get very emotional on this one, so we hope that you'll take this journey with us as we can't think of a better way to say good-bye to you, our listeners, and to this show.

We thank EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for your support over the past few years! Whether you're a weekly listener or even if you just checked out one or two episodes, it means the world to us and we can't stress that enough. We don't exactly know when we'll get the chance to do another one in the future, but we hope that you'll stay subscribed to us on our social media pages to stay updated.

We love you all. And thank you again.

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