The Smart Years

Episode 20

Create Your Tech Signature - One Byte At A Time

Bybreen Samuels published on

Bybreen Samuels is in conversation with Xiaochen Zhang. Xiaochen is a firecracker who flew out of her mum's womb, carrying the fire in her belly, literally in her hand!

Currently, Xiaochen works on global public policy at ByteDance, a leading Chinese tech company. It's a content platform that enables audiences to enjoy content, powered by artificial intelligence. Before ByteDance, Xiaochen was a Software Engineer and Creative Technologist at Google. And she says, 'Joining Google made me strong. Leaving Google made me stronger.'

Xiaochen is also a Serial Entrepreneur and TedX Sydney Speaker.

Tune into this episode of The Smart Years to discover:

  • Why when Xiaochen was 7 years old, she embraced a moment of shame, to shape her character 
  • What the Chinese concept of Guanxi can teach you about contemporary business relationships
  • How and why she became stronger by leaving her Google career
  • The importance of keeping abreast of technological developments
  • How you may be able to transition your non-technical background into the Internet of Things (IOT)
  • What the Burning Man Festival taught Xiaochen about humanity
  • Why knowing the fundamentals of computer science is still relevant even if you teach yourself how to code
  • How to utilise your knowledge and expertise to become a content creator to help build your brand
  • The key industry change that you must pay attention to
  • Why the size of your ambition will determine how far you advance into the tech world.

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Quote of the Day - Anais Nin

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's couirage."

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