The Smart Years

Episode 12

Does Your CEO Need To Hear This?

Bybreen Samuels published on

Bybreen Samuels riffs on her Building An Inclusive Company Manifesto. She first shared her unconventional approach during a tech talk she gave last year. Bybreen asserts that it's time for a new paradigm. So she has blended astrology, recruitment practices, healthy team dynamics with an anatomy for diversity and inclusion. If you want your company to be relevant and effective in the 21st Century, then it's time to take action. Also, share this episode with decision makers, decision influencers and your CEO!

Tune into this episode of The Smart Years to discover the:

  • Catalyst for creating a new framework
  • Meaning of building a championship team and company
  • Reason why legislation hasn't advanced the conversation
  • Relevance of having an Anatomy of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Role astrology can play in enhancing meaningful engagement
  • Acronym that will help you take effective action for inclusive practices
  • Principle that could harmonise relationships and the recruitment process
  • Lesson Bybreen learnt from going to Speakers' Corner during her childhood
  • Key question you must ask yourself and answer, when you walk into a room
  • One thing companies can do to develop their corporate social responsibility policy.

Quote of the Day - Anonymous from Niger

"The teeth are smiling, but is the heart?"



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