The Smart Years

Episode 5

How to Flow Into Your Life

Bybreen Samuels published on

Bybreen Samuels is in conversation with Elizabeth Askren, a Franco-American Conductor, Artistic Director and Educator, based between Paris and Transylvannia. She's at home in both the symphonic and operatic repertoire. Elizabeth's trans-cultural life may teach you how to transition into the new you. Tune into this episode of The Smart Years to discover the: 

  • Three facets of self-leadership
  • Importance of having a multi-displinary education
  • Foundations laid by feminist pioneers to build upon
  • Activities that help to build your C.V. and personal branding
  • One self-care action you can take to move from stress to ease
  • Key question you may ask yourself to bring about self-awareness
  • Approach you should take to lessen fear as you move through change
  • Impact different cultural environments may have on your leadership style
  • One piece of advice Elizabeth received from her grandfather that she still uses today
  • Quote from Janet Erskine Stuart that highlights choices in terms of how to life your life

Quote of the Day by Plato

"Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the Soul."

Recommended Resources


  1. The Art of War - Sun Tzu
  2. The Grammar of Conducting - Max Rudolph


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