The Smart Years

Episode 15

Money and Mindset Matters For Your Start Up Journey

Bybreen Samuels published on

Bybreen Samuels is in conversation with Tracy Jenkins. an aspiring entrepreneur and motivational talk radio host. She's also a mother, sister, partner and so much more. Tracy passionately believes in the human spirit. And focuses on sharing strategies and information on how we can each work towards becoming our authentic self.  This means pursuing our purpose, passionately and with integrity.  

Tune into this episode of The Smart Years to discover the:

  • Route into entrepreneurship
  • Andrew Carniege business frame of reference
  • Mindset armour you need to pursue your goals
  • Moment you need to start marketing your business
  • Questions Tracy asked to begin shifting her perspective
  • Preparatory steps towards a structured business model
  • Go to process for operationalising your business development
  • Lessons children can teach you to move through a 'dark night of the soul'
  • Meaning of Uranus in Taurus and how it will affect finances and resoures 
  • Importance of understanding the link between personal and business finances.

Recommended Resources:


Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy

The E-Myth Revisited - Michael Gerber

Quote of the Day - Suze Orman

"The only way you permanently take control of your financial life is to dig deep and fix the root problems."

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