The Smoking Tire
Episode 268


Chris Hayes published on

In studio this week Pete Callaway of Callaway Cars joins us. Most people know Callaway for their very potent Corvette packages however they provide solutions for many of GM V8 platforms and Pete shares their origins in modifying BMW 3 series' and first gen VW GTIs. It's not often that we have two VERY fast press cars on hand simultaneously and it's a rare day that one of them is a GT-R and it feels slow by comparison.  Matt and Zack fill us in on the insanity that is the Callaway AeroWagen.

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  • Santiago Dominguez

    I love how Callaway´s history mixes with other tuners. I remember Dinan talking about how he started selling kit that included a modified Callaway kit and I think a Alpina kit with a Toyota bolt to fix the camber or something.
    I just love this guys´ stories

  • Plain Jane

    great ep this one! enjoyed it.

  • Jonathan Gery

    Love the episodes! Have you ever thought of adding video to your podcasts effectively making them webcast/videocast... I think it wold bring so much more to the show....

  • Steven Kastell

    I'm calling BS on the Calloway story that they had to explain to Le mans tech inspectors what a pushrod was. Yes its a funny story. But if we put on our serious hats - Ford won in the late 60's with this obscure car called the GT40 with as far as I know, FE engines. So you could tell me "ok, that was a long time ago". While I haven't checked every entry, I can put a Chevy 6.0 litre pushrod V8 at Le mans in 1983, the Cooke Racing
    Lola T600 Chevrolet.

  • Mike Corra

    Pete Callaway mentioned the Transportation Research Center in Ohio with a 7.5 mile oval for testing and they wondered if it was still around. Just letting you know that it still exists and is a huge facility. Click this link for a virtual tour.