The Smoking Tire
Episode 273

Alex Roy

Chris Hayes published on
Matt Farah updated on

Once again in studio our friend and frequent guest Mr. Alex Roy joins us. This week we cover amature racing,, Miatas, McLarens dinner clubs and a bevy of other random subject matter that usually occur when Alex joins us.

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  • Bartek Siuta

    Wow, nothing like listening to grown men complain about how un-luxurious racing is. These podcasts come off as incredibly stuck-up and pretentious unless you're some rich kid who grew up with racing his whole life. Also, Matt no one cares that you sell real estate.

  • Adam Boursalian

    Yes, we do care! Nice to see Mr Roy on the show.

  • Bones Baxter

    Im sorry things aren't going well, stiff upper lip, you'll get there :)

  • Cody Ace

    Would it shock you to know the Jetta engine is bone stock with 235,000 miles? 1.8t for life. That would be the 11th or 12th endurance on it too.

  • Cody Ace

    Oh yea, and the Jetta started in Class 4 too :P

  • Joshua Martinez

    Would be nice to listen to a podcast about cars without the ignorant political opinions you have. You do know that not all of your listeners share your views, and none of them come here for political advice. Keep it on automotive topics please. Thank you.

  • James Fish

    The worst track town in America is without question Oregon raceway park. That shit is in the middle of nowhere. Like really. The Dalles is the biggest city to speak of in any direction, and there isn't shit there either. It may as well be on the moon if you break down and need parts.