The Smoking Tire
Episode 174

Almost an Evo

Chris Hayes published on

DSMs... one of the big cars of the early 2000s import scene, Matt finds out what it's like to drive one that has been built very well.  In addition we talk about tackling projects without a proper budget, automatic seatbelts, middle men, mexican interior work, fuel filters the new Ford GT and Larry Kosilla's ever evolving 964. 

Oh... and Matt's Mustang is done.

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  • Prodriver33 .

    A DSM was the first fast import I ever rode in as a kid, it was a GSX and the guy stopped in the middle of the road and did a full throttle clutch dump and lit up all 4. I got a chance much later in life to drive my old roommates GSX from his storage garage home so he could sell it, 2nd gen eclipse GSX in good condition with good mods and it sold for $6K :( He wishes he never sold it, although he got a 04' WRX with only 14k miles right after.

  • Prodriver33 .

    Volvo rules! the 5 cylinder has been around for a while, the 850r was the first turbo5 then the V70r which came in AWD oooohh! but they made non-turbo 5's as well but who the fuck cares right! my 07' XC70 has a turbo5 in it, I have for some reason modded it mostly chassis stuff from IPD like swaybar kit, HD control arms, engine and trans mounts, but it does have a TBS, HD TCV, K&N filter, IPD boost ability kit with diverter valve, and ECU flash they say its a little over 300hp and 320 lb/ft, its fast to me and can beat WRX's no problem, I slowly pulled on a E500 wagon up to 140+ that was fun. oh well I have kids wtf am I supposed to do? SUV's suck wagons rule!

  • William Wonov

    Can confirm that power seatbelts were a work around for airbags. All cars were required to have airbags by 1998 but between 1990 and 1998 automakers had the choice of airbags or power seatbelts.