The Smoking Tire
Episode 146

Autozam Infatuation

Chris Hayes published on

Our good friend and partner in podcasting Jeff Glucker (@jglucker) of Hooniverse joins us this week. We talk all about Matt and Jeff's experiences in the Challenger Hellcat in Washington D.C., Matt spent some time in the new Z4 road car immediately followed by track time BMW Z4 GT3 racecar, Matt spent some time with an obscure but great Autozam AZ-1, plus we discuss Jeff's project car "The Wombat" and interesting cars from SEMA 2014.

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  • Noah B

    Chris, it seems like you're the most in the know about tuning of TST's group. I too have looked at a 335d and ECU tune, and while renntech is a really good option, I would highly recommend you check out a JBD. Lots of bigger tuners like to slag them JB tuners as piggy backs, etc, but the results speak for themselves. On the 3L BMW diesel gains of 60~ RWHP and 100+ RW lb-ft, not to mention their N54 tuning, in which JB4s are used to tune all the fastest 3Ls. And of course it is all reversible just like a full ECU tune. I'd just check it out, huge gains and a fair price.

  • Chris Hayes

    Thanks for the suggestion Noah. I've seen some conflicting reports regarding efficacy and long-term reliability when using the JBD but I'll definitely look into it further.

  • Noah B

    No problem. In your search I hope you stumble upon some of the crazier diesel 3L builds, there's some crazy eastern European one that is lime rock orange with hybrid turbos and is cranking out 400+ WHP (supposedly) and rolls coal.

  • Chris Hayes

    I've seen that car, its power is impressive but I'm not down with rolling coal. That's just being inefficient for the sake of blowing hydrocarbons into the air. I'll refer to our interview with Mr. Gale Banks on that matter. Otherwise I'm really liking the idea of having a nice diesel daily that makes decent power and gets really good fuel economy.

  • Noah B

    I agree with you there. They sound really cool too with a full supersprint exhaust, it's a little pricey though. Plus obviously as it's a 3er you have so much left in the chassis to play with, some sticky tires and sways on there and you're suddenly pestering M3s and getting easily twice the fuel econonmy.