The Smoking Tire
Episode 209

Betim's Twofer

Chris Hayes published on

We are once again joined by our good friend Betim Berisha of BBI Autosport, to talk Porsches, Mustangs, and crashing cars. Betim shares his knowledge on building large displacement Porsches, the ridiculous value proposition of a used 996 and some nearly unbelievable speeds he has achived in runway cars.

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  • Andrew Gill

    One of the best podcasts you guys have done

  • Valeriu Bacioiu

    Hey Matt, it would be awesome if you could change to a video format for the podcast. Are you going to take that in consideration in the future?

  • Matt Farah

    We tried to do videos for a while and learned some important things: You can't get revenue share from YouTube on a live stream, and doing a livestream/youtube video version of the podcast takes away from our audio download numbers, which we regularly sell ads against. Until YouTube offers a revenue share model, it's not really worth it.

  • Jake Petersen

    Whatever works best to fund this and keep it going. Great show.

  • Patrick Mills

    This is the reason TST is the best. I mean, goddamn that was an unbelievable episode. Betim is the coolest guest ever, everyone was fucking on point and at the top of their podcast game. Easily one of the best episodes in the history of the show and miles beyond any other automotive podcast.

  • Rafa Canseco

    Awsome podcast.

  • Derek Gibbs

    Betim's comments regarding muscle cars will help me do the right thing when it comes to throwing money at my 64 Fury and trying to make a "g-machine" vs. using that money to build a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe. (I'm thinking more about rod length/stroke ratios too.) Thanks!