The Smoking Tire
Episode 274

Cameron Weiss (Weiss Watch Company)

Zack Klapman published on
Matt Farah updated on

Watchmaker Cameron Weiss, of Weiss Watch Company, comes by to explain how he built his Mercedes 4x4, why he loves driving his 1959 Beetle, and everything you want to know about watches: how they were made last century, how they make them now, wy some cost as much as a house, and what you should buy if you have $50, or $500,000. It's an incredible kind of engineering that parallels the car world clearly.  Sitting in with us again is Nic Cuarta, of Bee Line Coffee. 

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  • Kolby Newman

    I don't mind this podcast at all,

    I will, without doubt, complain in the future that you're not talking about cars but I am interested in this subject especially when a couple of my fave hosts are talking about it, Just my opinion you do what you love of course you have an incentive to make car shit because that's your living, but you have to strike the balance but I personally won't leave just because 1 in 5 podcasts is something different even if I hate that 20% (but I don't in this case)