The Smoking Tire
Episode 211

Cannonball the Lunchbox - Alexy Roy, Dan Neil

Chris Hayes published on

Dan Neil (Wall Street Journal, "The Car Show") and Alex Roy  ( Record holder, author, and editor-at-large of The/DRIVE) sit down to have a very frank discussion about how to make a movie about the Cannonball Run.

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  • Santiago Dominguez

    I'm giggling like an idiot at work with the ad.

  • Drummin003 .

    I doubt any of you have spent any significant amount of time in Oklahoma if you think it's that bad here. And you think we're close minded, you left coast fucks?

  • Matt Farah

    Relax there, bud. Alex doesn't like Oklahoma because his car broke down there on his first record attempt and he had to deal with the cops there. It has nothing to do at all with the state itself.

  • Christopher Lewis

    Was it Dan or Alex that made the comments about Oklahoma State? Chris-one of the "miata guys" from OLoA 2012

  • Elle Sea

    Dan sounds like he's writing for someone who grew up with The Car (TM) and is now disillusioned by all the bollocks that came before. For most of the people he's talking about a car will be a non-entity. Mr. Regular wrote that Road and Track post about the lecturer who hates cars, and that honestly sounds (to me) like the person who is really going to respond to what he's describing. Everyone else who can't afford that dream probably isn't thinking about it. I've been putting off my driving licence for years because I know I won't be able to afford a car. But as a product that designed and manufactured, the car holds interest because of how the end user is envisioned, how the company has engineered a solution for a given problem, how the company's self-image has impacted the final product, the weird ways politics can find its way into any given product. Just because cars (and driving) are pain in the arse, does not mean there aren't millenials getting something else from cars (rolling hi-fi for parties).

    Having gone through all that nausea, I will say that a strong, small-scale story arc will probably save all kinds of sins in the making of it.

  • Andrew Gill

    In case you didn't find it, Flash of Genius is the windshield wiper movie

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    As a 16 year old, I can say with a high degree of certainty that not a singe person I know cares about "cars are hurting the environment" when watching a movie. furthermore not a single person I know feels burdened by car ownership, in fact, quite the opposite. car ownership is a definition of freedom if anything. throughout this entire episode, every time the term "millennials" shows up, what is said is far from the truth. I would say that a route closer to the original cannonball movie would most likely be more profitable than the one described here. It could be easy to say that because I am listening to a car podcast that I am biased, but easily 90% or more of the (male) student base at my school would agree. still a fantastic episode, but I couldn't help but comment on my views about the new gumball movie.