The Smoking Tire
Episode 183


Chris Hayes published on

This week Matt and I sit down to catch up on the news, swap stories and meander through conversation.  We talk about the endless stream of men that resemble Matt, updates on my Corvette "GT3" project, C7 Z06 overheating, Carplay & Android Auto integration, Matt's trepidation in daily driving a Focus RS, Lexus IS & RC lineup, the new 2016 Cadillact CTS-V and how it stacks up against ze Germans, rising Skyline R32 prices, my adventures in carbon fiber and the Top Gear crew's move to Amazon.

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  • Lane House

    Whenever I start watching your videos, I click on the first ad I see, just because I try to do my part to support you guys. I would join your t-shirt club, but I need a 3x to be comfortable. Is there anything else we could be doing to show our support of TST?

  • Cheyne Etie

    I would join the tshirt club but NOBODY makes cool shirts in 3XL, or even better in 3XLL (Long) which i really need.

  • Chris Hayes

    comment seen, will relay to Matt

  • Lane House

    Also, I watch videos on Amazon Prime because they have a different selection than Netflix, and it is included with Prime. I'd gladly buy a show from you, I really loved All Cars Go to Heaven, it was easily worth the $4.50 or whatever. Your podcast keeps me sane at work, that's worth $25 or whatever for a "season" of videos.

  • Josh Jund

    Just an FYI, you CAN get the Audi Q5 in diesel!

  • michael cianci

    Where can i find all the videos you guys talk about in the podcast cuz it kills me hearing all of these funny things and never getting see any of them. if you guys posted links somewhere i would be very happy