The Smoking Tire
Episode 278

Driving Tips from Austin Cabot

Zack Klapman published on

Our guest is driving instructor Austin Cabot. He's led the instruction at Speed Venture and Gridlife track events, owned some awesome cars, and just ambulance. We talk about cars, how to drive fast, how to mod your car, and that ambulance.  

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  • Nick Harshaw

    Matt, you really need to stop interrupting your guests. Do you listen to your own podcasts? You literally yell over your guests. It detracts from the experience, it's abrasive, and normally you're just interrupting them to repeat things you've already said. It's probably incredibly frustrating for others on the show. For example, start listening at 42 minutes, when you start talking about the LC500. Austin tries to say his piece, and you talk over him repeatedly. Something to think about.

  • Adam Boursalian

    its called an interjection cupcake