The Smoking Tire
Episode 253

Escape from Dubai

Zack Klapman published on

TST's own Thaddeus Brown has taken a vacation from his job filming in Dubai to return to the home base. After filming nearly half the content on /DRIVE and The Smoking Tire, he left to seek fame and sun burns. He's returned with tales of lawless driving, speed limits go ignored, the deletion of blinkers, turbo-charged off-roaders, and his 6-month stretch decidind what used car to buy. Should he buy a C63 AMG? Or a used Ford Raptor? What about a rally car? Maybe finance a McLaren (hint: no)? Or should he buy a BMW M3? The circle goes round and round. 

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  • Joshua Carrasquedo

    Grip Royal guys. He's talking about Grip Royal.

  • Iiro Nevalainen

    Dude if you want to go to lapland i'd fkn drive you from helsinki to lapland