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  • Noah B

    That fucking censorship was hilariously aggressive, A) we know Matt likes to get high before the podcast B) we know there is a new show coming to /drive and we just don't know the name!

  • Chris Hayes

    Noah, believe me I was not happy with the request but it came down to peoples livelihood being on the line. I was VERY vocal about not acquiescing but ultimately I don't want to put an entire group of people's jobs in jeopardy.

  • Stephen Bordelon

    Changing was the right call. No jobs, no podcast, no videos.

  • Noah B

    Yeah, I get that, sorry didn't want to sound bitchy. I was just saying it was pretty amusing how loud and sharp it came in. Very good podcast as always though!

  • Noah Porter

    no more podcast??? I was just listening to it this morning