The Smoking Tire
Episode 187

Exhausting Leak

Chris Hayes published on

Thad, Matt and I sit down prior to their departure to film the season finalé for /Drive.  Matt and I give updates on the Mustand and Fiesta projects respectively, we discuss suspenion at length touching on the merits of magnetic ride control vs. coilovers, the ATS-V and C63 are seriously impressive machines so much so that they're nipping at the heels of the Ferrari 458 and 911 GT3 and there are bargain bin Aston Martins up for the taking.  Additionally I give my first impressions of Forza 6 and we answer listener questions.

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  • Elle Sea

    Stainless steel contains chromium/chrome within the steel to oxidise in preference to the Iron and form the sort of protective oxide coating that iron doesn't. It also has a reputation to be brittle compared to a similarly stiff non-stainless grade of steel.

    Galvanised steel has something attached to the steel to oxidise in preference to the steel, usually some kind of Zinc coating. If you've ever heard of people replacing 'Zinc Anodes' for big steel structures, those steel structures are galvanised. The term 'galvanised' is reference to the chemistry of rusting.

  • Nipam Shah

    Hey Chris, does ShoutEngine/TST podcast not have per episode artwork or is it just not showing up in my podcast app?

  • Chris Hayes

    There is an embeded TST logo in the iD3 tag and one on the RSS feed that's it. Nothing specific per episode.