The Smoking Tire
Episode 89

Garnett Lee

Chris Hayes published on

This week Garnett Lee of Weekend Confirmed and Editorial Director of GameFly Media joins us in studio.  We talk about Garnett's vehicle history including his new Boxster. Rolling with the theme of vehicle history we discuss highschool car culture in the late 90s.  After the trip down memory lane we find time to discuss tires, the new Mini JCW GP, stolen iPhones, Gwar and tire modeling in racing games.  Also Zack and Matt just returned from Nevada where they particpated in the Silver State Classic, encountered a racist rodea clown (redundant?) and Matt uknowingly purchases a stolen iPhone.  

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  • Chris Hayes

    Here is the very first comment on ShoutEngine.

  • Lopar Karede

    Thanks for reminding me to upload my old figure 8 racing videos! Awesome podcasting guys, definitely get Video'd Game Man back on the show.

  • Alisdair Buttery

    Great podcast as always, very entertaining to listen to while cracking on with some work!

  • Chris Hayes

    Alisdair, I know you've seen the site grow from its earliest days so I think you know how committed I am to constant improvement, if you have any suggestions or feedback on the site or any of the new features please let me know.

  • Chris Hayes

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