The Smoking Tire
Episode 144

I swear I'm not creepy.... Scarin' Maron

Chris Hayes published on

This week we're joined by Joshua Ovenshire (@TheJovenshire) and Matt Raub (@MattRaub) of Smosh Games. Matt met the Smosh crew while in Europe promoting Forza Horizon 2. Among many things we cover YouTube stalkers, video production, pecking order in geek culture, sheep familiarity, Kevin Pollack, building an online audience while Farah and Josh share their love of Magic the Gathering. Additionally we help Josh pick out a new car and Farah recounts his first drunken encounter with Marc Maron.


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  • Noah B

    Is it just me or is there some serious echo going on with the audio? Wondering if it's an issue on my end or something.

  • Shobin Drogan

    i hear an annoying buzzing

  • Chris Hayes

    Grounding issue, we're aware of the problem and it will be fixed.

  • Roobie Doobie

    These guys are confused about curved screens. A curved screen makes is so that there is only ONE correct spot to sit to get a good view. That spot is in the middle at exactly 1 radius away from the screen. This spot makes every point in the screen facing directly at you. It's because you're sitting in the middle of the circle that is the screen. Because of this, literally nobody else gets a 90 degree viewing angle to the screen. If you sit off to the side, the image that you see is a distorted curved sheet.

    On a flat screen, there is no perfect point and everyone in the room gets an equally compromised view. If you sit in the middle, the screen to the left or right is actually facing away from your eyes. However, when viewing from the side, the distortion is shaped like a trapezoid, which is a pretty reasonable shape.

    Bottom line is that curved screens are good for people with a measuring tape and no friends and flat screens are good for people who watch movies with family or friends.

    Honestly, the change in viewing quality is basically negligible because your brain is smart enough to adjust for distortions of flat screens. However, the curved screen does noticeably reduce glare, so there's that.