The Smoking Tire
Episode 162

I woke up in an old Bugatti

Chris Hayes published on

This week we're joined by John Bothwell Commercial Director of Pur Sang Automotive of Argentina. Pur Sang builds what are referred to as "continuation cars" which basically amount to exact recreations of classic cars built entirely by hand. Some might dismiss Pur Sangs Bugattis as kit cars but you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between an original factory Bugatti and a Pur Sang continuation built in exactly the same manner as the original. We spend a lot of time talking classic Bugattis, middle-eastern extravagance, manufacturing and the quirks of doing business in Argentina.

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  • Noah B

    A 12C for 110K?? I've never seen one below 150K, really though? Could I see a link or something? Because that's insane.