The Smoking Tire
Episode 97

Jack Baruth & Mark Baruth

Chris Hayes published on

Fresh back from SEMA we are joined by Jack Baruth and another gentleman that absolutely is not his brother Bark Maruth.  We talk about the differences in street cars vs. track prepped street cars vs. race cars, driving instruction and cross continent records. In addtion we cover a bit of what we encountered at SEMA along with the experience of driving a Lamborghini Aventador from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for the SEMA show.

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  • Joseph Wollas

    I'm a huge fan of the podcast and never miss an episode. Never felt the need to comment before either but I just got to say Jack Baruth seems like one of the most mean-spirited people I've ever heard. Do the guys really enjoy spending time around him? I won't waste any more time on it and can't wait for the next episode, but I know not to bother with any future episodes Baruth's involved with.

  • Vlad Anakin

    I second Joseph Wollas's comment completely. The only saving grace I can think of for these exchanges is that he had too much to drink before the show. His "banter" wasn't funny and came across as truly mean-spirited. That's not even getting into his double-standards regarding street racing. I ask you guys to please never invite him back.

  • Chris Hayes

    feedback noted

  • David Cargo

    disregard these comments, this podcast is a classic and one of my favorites, Jack Baruth is fucking hysterical and anyone who says otherwise either doesn't know what sarcasm is or doesn't know who he is talking about.