The Smoking Tire
Episode 228

Jenner Racing

Chris Hayes published on

Once again we're joined by Tony Quiroga of Car And Driver. This week we cover the Fiata, fuel economy tests betwen a Hellcat, Ferrari F12 and a Sequoia, how best to avoid tickets if you happen to be a journalist, obscure japanese micro cars and the mythical Porsche F1 engines.

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  • James Lines

    A VERY small percentage of people that listen to this podcast gives a shit about boating or yachting, we listed to this "automotive podcast" to hear about automotive related topics. Stop the pretension and stick to topics related to cars!

  • Allen Bryant

    All transportation is fun

  • Damon Platt

    How do you know what other people like and the percentage of said people?

  • Chris Hayes

    Hey man, when you've done thousands of hours on a mic over the years you've got to wander a bit to keep yourself sane and have something fresh to talk about. If you aren't feeling something in the discussion for the week you have the ability to fast forward, I certainly do on a number of shows I listen to.

    Despite the sponsorships we're not really making any money on the podcast after you factor in all of our expenses so please keep in mind we do this because we enjoy it and like to give the audience something to enjoy for free every week.

    Bottom line, we're not catering to you alone and if you've got some feedback please don't deliver it like you're barking orders.

  • James Lines

    Hey man, ok, you're right, I appreciate what you guys do, I think I was just being a grumpy old man. When I was listening to it, it just sounded like you were being very pretentious. "Me and my father are taking our yacht out, would you care to join us?" Just sad I didn't grow up with a lot of money.

  • Fraser Wright

    The M96 Mezger prototype engines they derived from the 962 had issues. While I don't deny the hp aspect they were having reliability challenges with it lunching themselves. The Footwork Arrows of the early 90's was 2 911 six engines was overweight and in the line of the 917 thinking but it wasn't great. The TAG V6 Porsche topped out at 650hp and they might have made a road engine for Ron, it won't be F1 rebuild it every race sort of spec and might be more myth than reality.

  • Chris Hayes

    fascinating, thanks for sharing that

  • Adam Boursalian

    IM down with the boating and yachting! dont listen to them! one wakes For the win!