The Smoking Tire
Episode 296

Jonny Lieberman & Jethro Bovingdon

Zack Klapman published on

In this podcast we have Jonny Lieberman and Jethro Bovingdon, the hosts of Motor Trend's hit shows "Head-2-Head" and "IGNITION". Jonny has been on these shows for years, but Jethro is a new import from England, with the accent and drifting skills we've come to expect from writers across the pond. They're in town shooting a McLaren 720S, so we talk about that. We argue about the Acura NSX, Jonny defends Honda Civic Type R's cooling system, and discuss the crazy things Mercedes owns. Other topics include ICON's Derelicts, McLaren F1s, Porsche purchases, NSX pricing and sales, whiskey, and plenty else. 


This show is available as a video!

Watch Head-2-Head here:

Watch IGNITION here:

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