The Smoking Tire
Episode 212

King of Beaters - Rob Ferretti

Chris Hayes published on

What do you do after you've done countless road rallies and ran a successful exotic car rental company? You do crazy things in cheap beater cars. That's what our friend, Rob Ferretti, does. We couldn't believe the quality of cars he bought, and what he did to them in Florida. Wow.

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  • Cheyne Etie

    For anyone actually listening to the Forza commercial. A little info for you.
    If you buy the Porsche expansion pack you get every car from the pack AUTOMATICALLY without having to spend in-game credits.
    Just FYI.

  • Stephan Romanovsky

    Dude...I live like 20 minutes away from the shooting range you guys are talking about (Ben Avery, right?) It's literally like a half mile strip where people shoot guns at things.

    I'm going to find that damn Mercedes.