The Smoking Tire
Episode 215

Most Jalopnik podcast ever?

Chris Hayes published on

No it's not. However we do have Andrew Collins (@andr3wcollins) and Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez (@APiDAOnline) -both of Jalopnik- in the studio this week after their Easter Jeep Safari adventure. We cover the 2016 Wrangler Willys Wheeler they used in Moab, enduro cross, Matt compares the Honda Pilot and the Acura MDX, reminiscing of cheap Vegas adventures happens, Peking to Paris is explored and finally Freddy gives Zack advice on modifying used E36s and IS300s and the pitfalls that ensues.

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  • Andrew Gill

    @34:40 Thad is thinking of the Georgia guide stones

  • Arnold Palmeroy

    @81:00 The 2JZ is an interference motor.

  • Isaac Parker

    True, if it's in an IS300 - looks like it's non-interference if it's non-VVT-I

  • Arnold Palmeroy


    I pulled this page from the IS300 service manual. I love Tavarish's writing, but he's sometimes wrong about the little things.

  • Christopher Casale

    Card Sound Road, FYI.

    Next time you're down at bottom of Flolollorida go to Robert is Here in Homestead.

  • Nick S

    E36 and IS300 discussion starts at 70:30.

  • Elle Sea

    Is it a Gawker question if the answer is no?